SACRED SCIENCE - Catherine Goldwyn, Phil Lewis

Song commentary from the composers.

Open Window

An open window lets the sights, sounds, and fragrances of the outside world in to mingle with the inside, blurring the threshold between the inner and outer environments; similar to the way music blurs the threshold between our inner and outer lives.

Stairway to Heaven

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant's iconic 70s rock classic reimagined for a darker, less optimistic age.

Hymn for the Heartland

This is an elegy for a lost and mostly forgotten life-way, devoured by the insatiable maw of rapacious technological capitalism.

No Beans for Pythagoras

The ancient Pythagorean concept of musica universalis, or music of the spheres, refers to the unceasing, eternal motion of all objects in the universe. Mathematical expressions depicting the dynamic relationships of these objects, one to the other, were once thought of as a type of music. The Pythagoreans also believed that the consumption of certain foods impeded spiritual development: meat, fish, and beans among them.

Pretending to Be Olaf

Olaf is an imaginary character. In this song can be heard some of the evanescent possibility and vulnerability of childhood.

Eyes of Your Eyes

After encountering a UFO in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England in December 1980, USAF Sgt. James Penniston had a series of binary numbers swimming through his head:

“During the night I was often wakening with thoughts, or rather images, of visions of ones and zeros running through my mind […]”

He recorded them in a notebook the following day and subsequently forgot about them.

Thirty years later Penniston's binary string was analyzed and found to contain a series of ASCii (computer) characters. In addition to spelling out assorted cryptic messages and a series of global coordinates, analysis revealed the phrase, "Eyes of your eyes."


A caldera is a depression in the earth's surface created when a volcano releases its magma and the ground collapses downward. Extraordinary landscapes are sometimes formed in this way. Valles Caldera outside Santa Fe, NM is a stunningly beautiful example.

Sacred Science Pt 1 / Sacred Science Pt 2

We often forget that the unknown is immeasurably more vast than the known. Will science and spirituality eventually merge, fusing into a single metaphilosophical discipline?



The child who was lost is found.