SACRED SCIENCE - Catherine Goldwyn, Phil Lewis

More contemporary instrumental music from Goldwyn and Lewis.

SHADOW AND LIGHT - Catherine Goldwyn - Phil Lewis

A new instrumental album featuring nine original tunes penned by Goldwyn and Lewis, along with a couple of unusual covers. Features the lyrical sound of Ms. Goldwyn's piano and Mr. Lewis's crisp and singing guitar, supported by a first-rate rhythm section consisting of drummer Jake Reed, bassist John Belzaguy, and percussionist Pete Korpela.

THE BITTER SUITE - Phil Lewis Quartet+

The new album from the Phil Lewis Quartet is here. Featuring Phil's "Bitter Suite," and other selections, it's a melodic and compelling collection that will delight both casual and serious listeners. The Quartet is augmented by the talents of several distinguished guest artists including Billy Kerr and Richie Gajate Garcia.


Guitarist Sid Jacobs brings the art of solo jazz guitar to a new level with this collection of daring and virtuosic works. Sid's acclaimed adaptations of classics from Monk and Bill Evans are performed with a level of sensitivity and devotion that can only be described as pure artistry. Truly one of the most important voices on the jazz guitar today, Sid's maturity and sophistication on the instrument show his world-class artistry.